Snoozy Air launch at Grand Designs Live

The Snoozy Air launched at the Grand Designs Live Event at the beginning of May –

 The Snoozy Air has been developed specifically as a flat packed self assembly space solution targeted at the consumer market. Snoozy Air can be put up in less than a day with basic tools, in much the same way as you expect an Ikea product to work. The end result is the sealed space ready for you to fit out as you wish. It can form the basis for an extra bedroom, garden chill space or an office pod. The Snoozy Air can even be used to start your own private B&B business.

Snoozy uses minimal materials in its construction, all chosen for their appropriateness to design and longevity of use. All design details and materials have been resolved to find the best balance between function and aesthetic form. The durability is of paramount importance to ensure each Snoozy enjoys a long and prosperous life. All elements of the Snoozy can be replaced and repaired if needed. Most of this work can be done on site negating the need for them to return to our factory, though this is an available service.

Snoozy Air is designed by Nick Crosbie and Frederik van Heereveld. It is produced in Belgium by Opblaasbaar BVBA.